About Patrick Falci

Pat Falci gained fame not only for his role as the General A.P. Hill, from

Gettysburg, but also as director/screenwriter Ron Maxwell’s historical advisor for

both that movie and Gods and Generals. Pat provided casting director

Joy Todd and the actors with photographs and research for both films and

even scouted out locations in Maryland and took Maxwell on a Stonewall

Jackson tour of Civil War battlefields and other historical sites. Pat, a native

of Astoria, played Rough Rider #2 in producer/actor Tom Berenger’s film of

the same name, served as Jeff Shaara’s historical advisor, providing research

and tours of Civil War sites portrayed in his books, and vetted John Jakes’s

manuscripts for On Secret Service and Charleston, at its editor’s request.


He has spoken at countless CWRTs throughout the

country and has wowed them consistently. He is

the recipient of the CWRT/NY istinguished Service

Award, the Fort A.P. Hill Commander’s Award for

Excellence, the U.S. Army M.D. of Washington, D.C. Commanding General’s Award, the

U.D.C. Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal, and

the S.U.V. Commander’s Award for Excellence. In

addition to these honors, he has earned a commission of Colonel from the

Commonwealth of Kentucky.

For 19 years now, Patrick has been the face of General Ambrose Powell

Hill. Before that, he was a Civil War re-enactor for another 15 years with the

14th Tennessee Archer’s Brigade, Hill’s Light Division and he has been

immersed in the history of the “War Between the States” for even longer.

Ever since the movie Gettysburg, where Patrick created the role of Hill,

he has been enlightening the public about “Lee’s Forgotten General.” In fact

he joined the Museum of the Confederacy in the unveiling of Hill’s 13th

Virginia regimental flag, which he helped raise over $10,000 to restore. Hill’s

wife Dolly made the flag, in part from her own wedding dress, and the

restoration was a project dear to Patrick’s heart.

It’s the same love of preservation that has prompted a lifetime member-

ship in the Civil War AboutFalciPic2Preservation Trust (CWPT),

talks on Civil War subjects throughout the country,

and a school program called “The Life and Times of

the Civil War Soldier.” He was the first 3-time

president of the Civil War Round Table of New

York, traveling to places like Richmond. where he

delivered a speech for the Sons of Confederate

Veterans (SCV) on Lee’s Bicentennial, January 19. 2007. You might even have

caught him as a keynote speaker at Grant’s Tomb and he is an honorary member

of the Virginia SCV.

Patrick Falci                                             718 525 3446
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